The Importance of Diggers

The Importance of Diggers at Construction Sites

The heavy earth moving tasks at construction sites would be a mammoth undertaking if commercial diggers dint exist. These heavy earth scooping and moving machines pack enough horsepower to do the work of a very many men without drawing a sweat. Diggers for construction sites come in various sizes and specifications to suit different sites and situations.

Usually, situations where the amounts of man-hours necessary to do a particular job are excessively high, a digger provides a much faster and more economical option. With a big powerful hydraulic arm under the control of an operator, it slices off a huge chunk of the time needed to dig and move earth in a construction site with every scoop.

Uses of Diggers

Diggers are used in so many ways owing to their versatility and ability to take on different attachments in their arms for doing different things. Some of the areas where these machines find good use depending on type and accessory include;

Digging of foundations (graving kristiansand)
Drilling holes in the ground (boring kristiansand)
Cutting trenches
Brush cutting (sprengning kristiansand)
Ground grading and landscaping
Snow removal (feiing kristiansand)
River dredging
Open-pit mining
Rock blasting

Some Common Types of Diggers

The Backhoe Loader

This type of digger has a bucket attachment in the front and a hoe at the back. It is usually conveniently compact, which makes it versatile. The backhoe is used for digging and the front bucket for loading among other tasks.

The Loadall

It is also known as a telescopic handler. These type of digger is also commonly used in agriculture. Loadalls feature extendable pivoting arms or booms with various attachments at the end. Some of the attachments available for these include shovels, forklifts, bale lifts, grapples and so on.

The Bulldozer

This type of digger actually evolved from the farm tractor. It has a huge blade mounted in front of a tractor-like body on top of wheels or caterpillar tracks. The blades are pushed along the ground to dig, scrap and move dirt and other stuff. Bulldozers can also have a rear claw like attachment for ripping the ground open.

The Bucket-wheel Excavator

This is one of the monster types of diggers common in big surface mining applications and extremely large constructions. It is designed to offer continuous digging action using a series of buckets that continuously scoop material from the ground as they are turned on a wheel.